Wireless asset management solution

4G Wireless asset monitoring Solution

4G ghost tracker, smart tracking mode, waterproof, light sensor, white label tracking platform

LTS-3YS platform

Free custom made white lable platform

Here's Why It's Awesome

BG96 4G module

GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz   Cat.M1/Cat.NB1: LTE FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B28

Product widely used in the USA, Europe, and Australia, We can also provide customized modular products according to the needs of customers’ countries.

IP67 water-proof

The product is small and can be installed on any moving object, IP67 waterproof, no need to worry about equipment damage caused by wind, rain or car washing, built-in super lithium battery, can be standby for 5 years at a time,

Vairous working mode

Blind zone compensation, Intelligent tracking function, Warehouse mode, Motion still detection mode, Clock mode, Temperature and humidity detection, Backend Specific Commands, Battery level detect

3 different types of choices


10 years Disposable Lithium-ion battery(3.6V,2000mAh)

Various intelligent tracking mode

white label smart tracking platform


5 years Disposable Lithium-ion battery(3.6V,8100mAh)

Various intelligent tracking mode and IP67 waterproof

white label smart tracking platform


5 years Disposable Lithium-ion battery(3.6V,8100mAh)

Design for the container hidden install and IP67 waterproof

white label smart tracking platform

Tracking platform details

Deal with the problem like following

4G wireless tracker LTS-3YSN (5)

Warehouse Stolen

The device has a unique warehouse working mode, The storage mode and normal working mode can be set. The storage mode can save power. Once the equipment starts to move, it will trigger the motion alarm mode to ensure the safety of assets.

4G wireless tracker LTS-3YSN (3)

Vehicle stolen

LTS-3YSN device with an Intelligent tracking function, The product includes a light sensor, motion sensor, and in emergency situations, the intelligent tracking mode can retain key trajectory information, and hidden installation ensures that the device will not be easily discovered.


4G wireless tracker LTS-3YSN (1)

Never found by the detector

Normal GPS detectors, detection equipment, through the two means of magnetic signal and GSM signal, our equipment can provide non-magnetic Velcro solutions, the GSM signal of the equipment is very difficult to be captured, because the equipment wakes up from time to time every day

LTS-3YS wireless tracking (6)

Temperature Sensor

In addition to real-time positioning and alarm, the equipment can also monitor the temperature of the environment, which is suitable for some cold chain transportation and room temperature monitoring application scenarios.


4G wireless asset tracking brings you the best protection