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4G OBDII vehicle gps tracker Pisitioning Terminal

Integrated advanced wireless full Netcom data 4G communication module, high-precision Beidou dual-mode GPS module, low-power Bluetooth 4.0 module

Container Satellite Positioning Monitoring Terminal

The container satellite positioning information collection terminal (model LTS-J10Y) is a GPS positioning terminal specially designed for container positioning monitoring. The LTS-J10Y uses a high-performance military battery that wakes up every 24 hours and sends positioning information, then returns to deep sleep mode for up to ten years.

Solar GPSBD Dual Mode Positioning Terminal

The LLS-100T is a positioning terminal specially designed for marine positioning monitoring applications. LLS-100T can realize the position monitoring and tracking of outdoor valuable assets such as ships through GPS/BD satellite positioning technology, solar charging technology

GPS Mobile DVR

Based digitization image compression storage and to achieve 3 routes digital cameras monitoring, combined GPS tracking/monitoring, vehicle driving recorder, SD card high capacity storage, Driver IC card ,ID recognition, multiple data interface, voice calls and other features. Based vehicle’s standard embedded type structure to design, make it is easy to install. Meet the requirements of national standard GB-T